Learning to love the little things of this life

Throughout my 38 years on this earth there have been many ups and downs.  But over the past few months I have gotten to a point to where I want to wake up every day and find reasons to love my life.  Since I have struggled with depression and anxiety from the time I was a little, it does take quite a bit of effort on my part.  Some days when I wake up, and the sadness wants to take hold; I have to say out loud ” I’m going to love this day and everything in it”.  The funny things is, when you say and think something long enough, it does begin to grow roots and develop.  So with this new thought process, I’ve started to love myself, and now I’m starting to do things I love and I’m good at.

Years of stress, and tension will take its toll on a person.  The various, unhealthy ways we try to suppress will also take their toll.  I have aged myself prematurely, and so have/did many of my relatives.  I look at their lives or the lives they had, and they were cut so short. I don’t want to inherit their ways. So, I’m attemping a journey of wellness and happiness.  I would like to share things that I encounter with you. At the age of 38 I’m proably halfway through this life, but then again maybe not.  Better late then never I suppose.  The order on the menu today is swimming…..and relaxing.  What things are you doing today to help relax?


Author: Coffee and Good Deeds

I'm new to this whole homemaker, stay at home wife thing (and I love it!) I love gardening, cooking, and DIY projects. My household is slowly becoming a place of health and happiness.

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